Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yay for no Helmet!!

So we went to the Neurologist and he said that since Brayden can sit up now and is stronger his head will continue to improve so we don't need to get a head shaping helmet!! Yay :) We go back in 1-2 months to have him check it to make sure it is improving but he isn't going to have to get one and we are so excited. They did a head ct scan just to make sure everything was okay and that was really cool cause we got to see a 3-d imaging of his skull.
Brayden scoots more and more everyday now and he even does it when I am around! Before he would only scoot around when nobody was around to get the toy for him. I guess he figured out that I was going to make him work for it either way. He can stand up now by holding onto the couch too which is pretty exciting. I think he will probably be crawling in the next month or so. I know I shouldn't be excited about him crawling because then he will be into everything but I think each milestone he reaches is so fun and exciting!!

Brayden loves new noises and thinks they are so funny! The other day Glenn was taking a picture of Brayden and Brayden loved the noise the phone made. He was laughing so hard!! It was adorable. I made a video of it and it is posted on face book:)

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  1. not to mention he gets cuter everyday! i love the cape by the way!!!