Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silly sounds, smiles, hair cuts, Journey, and cars

Brayden is now on a schedule which makes it nice for mommy. I have gotten much better at getting things done around the house because I know when he will take a nap and for the most part how long it will be. :-) He is now 12 weeks old!! Brayden loves the silly sounds that mom and dad make. He smiles all the time now, especially when he sees his daddy.

About 3 weeks ago Glenn gave Brayden a haircut so now he looks more like a boy and his hair is so cute! At his 2 month appointment he was 24 inches long and 12 lbs 3 oz. He is probably about 13lbs now and has grown an inch or two. He is almost 3 months old now:-O! He is the joy of our lives. Brayden is a big fan of Journey and always laughs and wiggles when we play it for him.

About a month ago we were in a horrible car accident where Glenn's brother (ironically) turned left at a light we were going straight through (we had the right of way) because he didn't see us due to a truck last minute turning if front of us. We were in our little Chevy Sprint and he hit the back of us. The car slid sideways then flipped onto the top and continued to slide 35 ft. Tons of people came to help get us all out! Brayden and I were unharmed and Glenn walked away with only a small concussion. The car landed on the driver's side and Glenn's head hit the asphalt through his open window! I know the Lord blessed and protected us. Unfortunately the car was totalled but we have since bought a nicer Geo Metro that gets better gas mileage and is a great real estate car for Glenn.

Glenn is doing great in real estate and has already closed on his first house. He now has 3 houses under contract and is so dedicated to his clients! If anybody needs a house in Utah, you know who to call!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brayden is 6 weeks!

It is amazing how fast time seems to fly! Brayden is now 6 weeks old and once again I have been slacking on updating this blog. Brayden is such a happy baby. He smiles a lot and is great about laying on a blanket entertaining himself. He is now about 11lbs and 23 or 24 in long. He is getting so big! He is a great sleeper and sleeps between 3-5 hours at a time during the night, so most nights I only have to wake up once to feed him. But two nights he slept all the way through the night. Hopefully soon that will be a more frequent occurance:)

On July 25th we had Brayden's blessing. We had close family and friends join us and it was a very special day. Brayden looked adorable in his blessing outfit that my mom made for him. We have such a wonderful little family.

We also have planted a garden this year. We are starting to get vegetables from it which is pretty exciting. We have lettuce, green beans, tomatos, canteloupe, watermelon, pumpkins, cucumbers, and corn. It has been a great summer.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update on our life! We had a baby!

Hello everyone! I'm updating our blog to let everyone know whats going on!

We just had our first baby! We have a healthy baby boy that was born on June 19 at 4:11 AM at the timpanogos hospital in Orem, Ut. Andrea had her first real contraction at 1:57 AM and the second about 8 minutes later. She continued to have contractions and they got closer and closer together until they were just a couple minutes apart. We called the number our doctor gave us and they said to drink some water and take a warm bath to make sure they were "real" contractions. After some water and about 5 minutes in the tub, we decided that they were for sure real and we needed to get to the hospital! All of this happened in under an hour. After a 10 minute drive to the hospital we checked in and andrea continued to have contractions, which were getting much more tense. after we were there about 5-10 minutes and Andrea was on the bed the nurse checked to see where Andrea was at. She could not find the Cervix and said the head was "right there!" So she rushed out and let all the nurses know that she was on the way. Andrea continued to have contractions for the next 15 minutes while the nurse tried to calm her and told her "not to push". We could see the top of the head already. After 15 minutes the doctor arrived and told her to go ahead and push. The doctor gave her 3 shots of Lidocain and said they had no time for an epidural. After only 15 minutes and an episiotamy She had given birth to our new baby boy Brayden Taylor Pearson. He weighed 7.6 lbs ( Now 7.2 lbs 27 hrs later.) And 18.5 inches.

So from the time she had the first contraction to the birth of our baby was a total of 2 hours and 14 minutes. There was no other warnings the he was coming other than the first crontraction she had. We went to bed just fine and she felt normal, well for a 9 month pregnant lady :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hooray for spring!!

Us and the beautiful flowers Glenn got me for Valentines Day/Ultrasound Day!

I am now 6 months along and loving being pregnant. I feel great most of the time other than being tired all the time. Getting up is definitetly getting harder and our little boy is growing fast. We have our next doctor's appt. on Friday. Glenn and I have started a garden and are so excited to have fresh vegetables and fruit:) It is so exciting seeing our little seeds start to sprout. We started our lettuce, broccoli and carrots inside, in peat moss and also have 10 strawberry plants growing! We will rototill and plant our garden this coming Wednesday. We are so excited! Its so nice to have our own house and yard to actually do things in.

On another note, We are getting a new water heater. The one we have is leaking and is 17 years old! So Glenn has been researching a lot of water heaters and we are going to get a Noritz or Rheem Tankless water heater. We will get $300 from Questar within a month, and then another $308 from the government in our next tax return. The water heater is costing us about $750, but because it is so energy effecient we get these rebates! So it almost pays for itself right off with just those, and then we will be saving probably $20 a month on our gas bill because it only heats the water when we use it, so its not heating it all the time like a tank water heater! We are a bit excited for that. Well more Glenn than me but I always like saving money, so that is exciting.

Glenn is just about finished with his real estate classes and will start selling houses very soon! By the time the baby is born he is hoping to be making enough to support our growing family without me working (which makes me very happy)! Our life is going really well and we are just staying busy with work and continuing to make our house our own cozy home.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Little Boy!!

Here is our little ones body, the arms are on the right and the legs are bent on the left.
Here he is showing us that he is a boy.

He has his legs tucked up to his chest here.

Here is his face:) A little weird looking here but pretty cool looking to me.

So Glenn and I went to the ob/gyn for our 20 week ultrasound. Maybe I am just a little biased because I am the mom but it was the coolest part of the pregnancy so far! We found out that we are having a cute little baby boy!! We are so very excited. He was not ashamed to be a boy either. He had his legs spread wide for us all to see that he was definitely not a girl! He yawned for us and kept his arms and legs all curled up even though lately he has started using me as a punching bag:) At this point we are considering the name Devon Michael but as the pregnancy progresses that may change or when he is born it may just not be the right name for him. The due date is currently about June 21st.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Some pictures of us:)

Glenn in Georgia last summer getting a cannon ball wound:)
Glenn and Andrea on the beach at St. Simon's Island, GA

Andrea and her mom!

Our fuzzy little friend, Sammy. She keeps us entertained:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our life up to now:)

Andrea and Glenn met while she was living with his sister, Andrea Pearson in Provo, Utah. After Glenn decided that the Andreas' apartment was a cool place to watch movies he and Andrea Johnston eventually started to like each other and began dating on April 14, 2007. They got engaged on July 4th near the top of Mt. Timponogos and were married September 21st, 2007 in the Mt. Timponogos Temple for time and all eternity. Yep, we are very happy to get to be together that long:) From there, we started our married life together. Andrea taught second grade up at JR. Smith Elementary in Heber, UT for an internship through BYU. She graduated April 2008 and is currently teaching first grade at Noah Webster Academy in Orem, UT a public charter school which is a ton of fun. She has 26 scholars in her class and she loves almost every minute of teaching. Glenn started their marriage working at eFileCabinet, he later switched to DirectPointe and he now works at Equinox ITS. June 2008 they purchased a home in Pleasant Grove and are so happy to no longer be living in an apartment. This past October they were pleased to find out that a third Pearson would be joining their Pleasant Grove home. Andrea is pregnant and due June 26th, 2009! We find out how many babies and whether it is a boy or girl on Feb. 4!