Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silly sounds, smiles, hair cuts, Journey, and cars

Brayden is now on a schedule which makes it nice for mommy. I have gotten much better at getting things done around the house because I know when he will take a nap and for the most part how long it will be. :-) He is now 12 weeks old!! Brayden loves the silly sounds that mom and dad make. He smiles all the time now, especially when he sees his daddy.

About 3 weeks ago Glenn gave Brayden a haircut so now he looks more like a boy and his hair is so cute! At his 2 month appointment he was 24 inches long and 12 lbs 3 oz. He is probably about 13lbs now and has grown an inch or two. He is almost 3 months old now:-O! He is the joy of our lives. Brayden is a big fan of Journey and always laughs and wiggles when we play it for him.

About a month ago we were in a horrible car accident where Glenn's brother (ironically) turned left at a light we were going straight through (we had the right of way) because he didn't see us due to a truck last minute turning if front of us. We were in our little Chevy Sprint and he hit the back of us. The car slid sideways then flipped onto the top and continued to slide 35 ft. Tons of people came to help get us all out! Brayden and I were unharmed and Glenn walked away with only a small concussion. The car landed on the driver's side and Glenn's head hit the asphalt through his open window! I know the Lord blessed and protected us. Unfortunately the car was totalled but we have since bought a nicer Geo Metro that gets better gas mileage and is a great real estate car for Glenn.

Glenn is doing great in real estate and has already closed on his first house. He now has 3 houses under contract and is so dedicated to his clients! If anybody needs a house in Utah, you know who to call!!!