Saturday, October 27, 2012

A New Start

So as usual I am doing my once a year blog update. The past three years of our lives have been very hard financially. Last September we lost our beautiful home. We are blessed to be able to stay with Glenn's parents. We have been living here for a year now and we are hoping that by spring we will be able to have our own house again. Glenn just started a new job with a company called 512k. They pay him great and we are hoping that by staying here another 4-5 months will give us enough time to get completely out of debt and allow us to be able to buy a new home. Photography is going really well for Glenn. Luckily his new job is super flexible and understanding about his photography business.
Brayden is getting very smart and we have been doing preschool together.  He is learning quickly and is very fun to teach.  He has quite the imagination and is very fun to listen to. We are struggling with him being me to Caitlyn. I am not sure how to teach him to be nice to her, its pretty frustrating.
Caitlyn started walking when she was about 15 1/2 months old. She is older than Brayden was when I got pregnant with her. It is sometimes weird to think that I am not pregnant but I am not ready for another child quite yet. Caitlyn is trying to learn to talk and is very cute when she does.  She has a very intense attitude and when she gets mad she throws herself on the floor and just lays there. She is so cute and so fun to play with.
I am so looking forward to hopefully soon having our own home again!!