Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update on our life! We had a baby!

Hello everyone! I'm updating our blog to let everyone know whats going on!

We just had our first baby! We have a healthy baby boy that was born on June 19 at 4:11 AM at the timpanogos hospital in Orem, Ut. Andrea had her first real contraction at 1:57 AM and the second about 8 minutes later. She continued to have contractions and they got closer and closer together until they were just a couple minutes apart. We called the number our doctor gave us and they said to drink some water and take a warm bath to make sure they were "real" contractions. After some water and about 5 minutes in the tub, we decided that they were for sure real and we needed to get to the hospital! All of this happened in under an hour. After a 10 minute drive to the hospital we checked in and andrea continued to have contractions, which were getting much more tense. after we were there about 5-10 minutes and Andrea was on the bed the nurse checked to see where Andrea was at. She could not find the Cervix and said the head was "right there!" So she rushed out and let all the nurses know that she was on the way. Andrea continued to have contractions for the next 15 minutes while the nurse tried to calm her and told her "not to push". We could see the top of the head already. After 15 minutes the doctor arrived and told her to go ahead and push. The doctor gave her 3 shots of Lidocain and said they had no time for an epidural. After only 15 minutes and an episiotamy She had given birth to our new baby boy Brayden Taylor Pearson. He weighed 7.6 lbs ( Now 7.2 lbs 27 hrs later.) And 18.5 inches.

So from the time she had the first contraction to the birth of our baby was a total of 2 hours and 14 minutes. There was no other warnings the he was coming other than the first crontraction she had. We went to bed just fine and she felt normal, well for a 9 month pregnant lady :)