Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Little Boy!!

Here is our little ones body, the arms are on the right and the legs are bent on the left.
Here he is showing us that he is a boy.

He has his legs tucked up to his chest here.

Here is his face:) A little weird looking here but pretty cool looking to me.

So Glenn and I went to the ob/gyn for our 20 week ultrasound. Maybe I am just a little biased because I am the mom but it was the coolest part of the pregnancy so far! We found out that we are having a cute little baby boy!! We are so very excited. He was not ashamed to be a boy either. He had his legs spread wide for us all to see that he was definitely not a girl! He yawned for us and kept his arms and legs all curled up even though lately he has started using me as a punching bag:) At this point we are considering the name Devon Michael but as the pregnancy progresses that may change or when he is born it may just not be the right name for him. The due date is currently about June 21st.