Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Latest Read, The Ember Gods by Andrea Pearson, Review

The Ember Gods is a great book and no I am not the author although we do have the same name :) Here is the review I have written for it! I highly recommend reading the first book, The Key of Kilenya, as well.

The Ember Gods, the second book in the Kilenya series, is a book I will recommend to anyone who is interested in fantasy stories. I have taught elementary school and I think this series would be appropriate for 10 years and older, although I am sure some of my 6 and 7 year old students would dive right into these books. After reading The Key of Kilenya, the first book in the Kilenya series, I was very excited to read The Ember Gods.  I enjoyed reading the book and was left hanging at the end wanting to know what adventures next awaited our hero, Jacob.
I found the book to follow the rules and character personalities of the first book very well. The transition from one book to the next was smooth and uninterrupted. I did, however, feel that it took longer to get into the story than the first. I was so anxious to find out what happened next to the characters from the other world that I wanted the story to begin and in that I was disappointed. It took a few chapters for the story to get rolling and the fantasy and action of the story to absorb me into its world. Once the story got underway my attention was captivated and I was left to allow the author’s imagination to take me on the journey with Jacob through the world of Makalos, Lorken, and Minyas.
I really enjoyed learning with Jacob what his unique powers are and how to use them. The author does a great job connecting Jacob’s earth life with his adventures in the other world. Like any 14 year old boy Jacob has his ups and downs with school, sports, his being basketball, and his peers; because these are described so well, many people, especially teenagers, will be able to relate to him.  The author also did a great job of relating to the reader through her description of Jacob’s frustration when he feels stretched too thin because of his Earthly responsibilities as well as all that is expected of him in the other world.
For anybody looking for a quick, fun read I highly recommend the Kilenya series, by Andrea Pearson.