Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hooray for spring!!

Us and the beautiful flowers Glenn got me for Valentines Day/Ultrasound Day!

I am now 6 months along and loving being pregnant. I feel great most of the time other than being tired all the time. Getting up is definitetly getting harder and our little boy is growing fast. We have our next doctor's appt. on Friday. Glenn and I have started a garden and are so excited to have fresh vegetables and fruit:) It is so exciting seeing our little seeds start to sprout. We started our lettuce, broccoli and carrots inside, in peat moss and also have 10 strawberry plants growing! We will rototill and plant our garden this coming Wednesday. We are so excited! Its so nice to have our own house and yard to actually do things in.

On another note, We are getting a new water heater. The one we have is leaking and is 17 years old! So Glenn has been researching a lot of water heaters and we are going to get a Noritz or Rheem Tankless water heater. We will get $300 from Questar within a month, and then another $308 from the government in our next tax return. The water heater is costing us about $750, but because it is so energy effecient we get these rebates! So it almost pays for itself right off with just those, and then we will be saving probably $20 a month on our gas bill because it only heats the water when we use it, so its not heating it all the time like a tank water heater! We are a bit excited for that. Well more Glenn than me but I always like saving money, so that is exciting.

Glenn is just about finished with his real estate classes and will start selling houses very soon! By the time the baby is born he is hoping to be making enough to support our growing family without me working (which makes me very happy)! Our life is going really well and we are just staying busy with work and continuing to make our house our own cozy home.