Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yay for no Helmet!!

So we went to the Neurologist and he said that since Brayden can sit up now and is stronger his head will continue to improve so we don't need to get a head shaping helmet!! Yay :) We go back in 1-2 months to have him check it to make sure it is improving but he isn't going to have to get one and we are so excited. They did a head ct scan just to make sure everything was okay and that was really cool cause we got to see a 3-d imaging of his skull.
Brayden scoots more and more everyday now and he even does it when I am around! Before he would only scoot around when nobody was around to get the toy for him. I guess he figured out that I was going to make him work for it either way. He can stand up now by holding onto the couch too which is pretty exciting. I think he will probably be crawling in the next month or so. I know I shouldn't be excited about him crawling because then he will be into everything but I think each milestone he reaches is so fun and exciting!!

Brayden loves new noises and thinks they are so funny! The other day Glenn was taking a picture of Brayden and Brayden loved the noise the phone made. He was laughing so hard!! It was adorable. I made a video of it and it is posted on face book:)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is Busy!

So I don't know if I am just lazy or busy but updating this blog is a much needed thing. It has been so long since I updated it I forgot what our user name was! It is amazing how fast 4 months can go by! Brayden will be 7 months old on Tuesday which just blows me away that he can be so big! Tuesday is also the big day where we go to the neurologist for Brayden. Since Brayden was born so very quickly and he was sideways when he was born his head and nose were a little smooshed. His nose quickly straightened out and now looks normal but his head has not been so quick about returning to a normal shape.  Our pediatrician is concerned that as he gets older the plates in his skull will fuse incorrectly and that it will eventually cause brain damage or undue pressure on his brain.  So they want to put a helmet on him, poor little guy :-( Since he has become stronger and holds his head up more his head has improved some but I don't think it will be quite enough to avoid having to get a helmet for him.
Brayden is sitting up on his own now and rolling. He still doesn't seem to like to roll over but he will to get a toy or something that he wants. I figure he will start crawling before he really gets around to rolling everywhere. He is such a happy little boy unless it is time to get dressed. He loves his baths and tries to clean my floors for me every time I give him a bath. He loves to swing his arms up and down which is perfect for splashing all of the water out of the tub. He is growing so big all the time. He is about 27.5-28 in long and around 15 1/2 lbs.  He wears 6-9 month clothes and seems to already be growing quickly out of those. He loves the cats and Sammy now steers clear of Brayden most of the time. Bear on the other hand seems to love all of the pulling of his whiskers, tail, ears, and fur. I cringe though as he pulls the cats to his mouth. He has been working on getting his first though for about 3 months now so he chews on everything. Anything that is close to him gets chewed or sucked on. He is a little thumb sucker and loves his

thumb when it is time to sleep. He loves to drink out of cups or sippy cups as well as eat his baby food. We are still working on getting him to like cooked carrots but everything else we have tried he has loved!
We spent a week in September at my grandparents in Oklahoma visiting them since my family would not be spending Christmas there this past Christmas. It was fun to get to see them and to relax at a time of year where snow and cold were not an issue. They got over a foot of snow on Christmas day so we were relieved to not have been there.
For Thanksgiving we spent it with Glenn's family and his mom's side of the family. We had lots of fun and as it seems to be everywhere we go Brayden charms everybody. That boy knows how to smile and coo to show off for an audience already. :)Around this time we got a good snowfall and Brayden was not too fond of the cold stuff mom was putting him in. We spent forever getting bundled up for the snow and spent 2 minutes in the snow.
After Thanksgiving Stacy moved out and left for CA to start her new job in Atascadero at the state hospital as a recreation therapist. Then Christmas was quickly upon us due to the fact that we left for GA to spend Christmas with my family on Dec. 16. We spent 3 weeks getting spoiled with my family. I did very little to care for Brayden since Grandma Juju was around. Brayden loved to be entertained and spoiled by Grandpa and he enjoyed napping, playing, and watching TV with Uncle Seth. We got to talk to my brother, Jarom on Christmas day which was so much fun. Aunt Stacy came to GA for 3 days for Christmas and it was evident that Brayden remembered her and missed her. He gave her such a big hug when she got to the house. It was so cute! We returned home on Jan. 6th. Brayden did really well on the airplane and slept almost the whole time.
We are now back to life just taking each day one at a time. Glenn continues to do real estate which is slow so he is also looking for another job so that we have a steady paycheck. I try to keep the house in order and keep my boys happy. I love being a stay at home mom and wouldn't trade it for anything!